Perlick offers you the   most energy efficient  GlassFroster und BottleCooler. Perlick GlassFroster und BottleCooler possess a 54 mm (2 inch) strong insulation and they are furthermore built to resist continous exposure.

Bottle Cooler

Perlick slide top coolers/refrigerators are perfect for your beverage storage needs. Also called “flat top bottle coolers/refrigerators”, we offer them in a variety of sizes; 2ft. 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, & 8ft models. These bottle boxes have a case capacity from seven cases (2ft model) to 58 cases (8ft model). All top load coolers have a stainless steel top and optional exterior (front ,ends and back) finishes ; black, stainless steel front and ends or all stainless steel finish.

Glass Frosters (Mug Chillers)
Perlick Glass Frosters/Chillers are available in 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft and 5 ft models. These versatile cabinets can serve as mug or glass frosters/chillers, plate frosters/chillers for salad bars or vodka bottle frosters/chillers. Perlick Frosters/Chillers are designed with an adjustable temperature range of +10 degrees to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Get an ice-cold draft beer in a glass or mug chilled in a Perlick Froster/Chiller. In addition, Perlick Frosters/Chillers feature a push-button defrost system. Push a button to activate a six hour defrost at the end of your business day. The interior floor drain will automatically remove melting ice during the night and will be chilled and ready for business the next morning.
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