The Perlick Modular Bar System is a modular systemfrom planning to implementation. It combines a 15.24 cm broad computer-calculated  frontside with the modules of the Perlick Classic system. All necessary  pathways are installed quickly and easily in predefined channels. We are able to offer you anexactly matching Bartop and Barfront by using accurate 1:1 stencils. Both can be easily assembled or disassembled.Your maintenance and cleaning effort will be reduced to the minimum.The Perlick modular bar system with its wide spectrum of applicationand low costs represents the future of bar building .

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* Factory preassembled sections up to 8 1/2 feet.
* All metal construction
* Interior finish panel is adjustable for sealing to the floor.
* Easy access beverage line chase.
* Pre-engineered construction assures exact fit, eliminates on-site adjustments.
* Interior chase conceal beverage and utility lines dramatically improving underbar appearance.
* Bar front panels are easily removed for quick access to all utilities.
* Bar top and front panels can be prefabricated to reduce on-site millwork costs.
* Optional electrical outlets and fluorescent lighting.

Our modular bar die sections are pre-engineered up to 8 ½ feet to assure exact fit behind any bar. Modular bar sections are factory joined to our underbar equipment and conceal beverage, electrical and plumbing lines behind stainless steel panels. Modular bar die sections are easily fastened together on location providing a finalized snug fit behind your bar.

Unlike a traditionally constructed bar die, everything fits because the structure is built to exact specifications. Removable millwork provides convenient access to utility and beverage lines for modification, maintenance or repair. Perlick modular bar die saves installation delays and labor costs, so your bar can be up and running in a fraction of the time it took in the past.





  • Click here to view the DWG drawing file Perlick Bar's system